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You can find me searching for pathways and building portals to live Heaven on Earth. I catch my own reflection in all Be-ings, including juicy fruits, withering flowers, and flowing rivers. I believe in the power of the imagination, and the importance of using this tool to guide us to collaborate in creating new realities together, now. 

You are welcome here with me. <3

I am a queer interdisciplinary artist from the US currently residing in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

Play and pleasure are my guiding themes. Through my work, I create worlds that invite participants to question reality, open to new perspectives, and experience magic. 

I have been co-creating cultural experiences through my life as a traveling artist and community builder in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the US, and Canada. 

As a serial experimenter and collaborator, I have started cultural centers and creative cannabis businesses, made immersive performances and films, taught workshops, curated performance nights, and thrown all kinds of fun parties. 

I am currently busy working on continued expansion of my Soulo Show Pleasure Spells, my short film series Fruit Freak’s,  and continuing my mission to build international queer artist community through my involvement in Studio SER

Photo by Farah Eniram


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