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sweet frequencies

Sweet Frequencies presented a distinctive sensory experience, utilizing sound and taste to explore a range of human emotion. This event explored individual and shared perception, considered how different senses interact, and experimented with how new experiences may lead to new pathways to open the mind.

An Immersive Performance Experience 

2017, Portland, Oregon

Collaboration with Andy Fry

A truly collaborative project, we had so much fun imagining this experience as a lighthearted journey with the senses. 


There were 3 main parts to the experience:


1 - Dome Immersion: Sound canceling headphones with frequencies and sounds to compliment or contrast flavor. Three unique flavor explorations ranging from sweet and smokey to pungent and aromatic.


2 - The Scored Table: Musical score turned into shapes turned into plates. Instructions for deep listening to know when to eat your slice of cake as a specific note hit the plate closest to you. 


3 -  Grand Finale Show -- Table becomes canvas: Dynamic, multi-layered, deconstructed dessert prepared performatively in front of guests. Staccato rhythms built a sense of drama complimenting the food presentation and acting as a crescendo for the finale.



After the experience was over, we opened a discussion with the participants to discover the unique takeaways of the individuals as well as the commonalities within the group. We had engaging dialogue about collaboration between different practices, imagination, the importance of shared experience, and creative inspiration.

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