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Fruit FreAKS

Fruit Freq’s is a short film series exploring queer access to pleasure with a potently playful and sexy tone. Supporting a cast of characters ranging from a 70 year old Vietnamese leatherdyke in NYC to a 22 year old woman transitioning in their small town in rural Mexico, each story has its own flavor. Central to each vignette is a fruit. Each fruit and character inspire a different form of storytelling and use a mix of dance, sensorial imagery, and voice overs. In witnessing these  authentic celebrations of queer self-love and liberation, the viewer is invited into a portal of pleasure and discovery.

A short film series

2022 - Current, Xalapa, Mexico & Halifax, Canada

Fruit Freqs gives me permission to indulge and share in exploring my obsession with the uniquely sensual connection of queers and fruit. This series leans heavily into my fantasy world and intends to play with turn-on using imagery not generally seen in erotic content.


It is an audio-visual exercise where I get to invite myself into more growth as an artist. I am exploring my role as director through this project, collaborating with individuals to facilitate their unique voices and expressions. My Virgo loves the world of film for it lends to wearing many hats, going crazy over details, and growing community. 

Episodes 1 & 2 are in post production, 3 is in pre-production. 


Performance, Andrea Luna - Camara, Muriel Escalera  

2: “Sandyia” 

Performance: Arjun Lal - Camera: Kay Slauen

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