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The Psychedelic Candy Shop was an interactive play zone built in the confines of a shipping container. It was designed to invite participants into a trippy world that would question their understanding of reality. There was optical illusion art, sculptural candy installations, and access to consultations with “Trip Doctors.” Through prompting questions from the characters running the Shop, folx were provoked into conversations around how American culture would benefit (with or without psychedelic usage) from a big, sweet, shift in consciousness.

An Immersive Performance Experience 

2017, Portland, Oregon

This project was born in a moment when I was feeling disillusioned with the way capitalism was so deeply running through the veins of American culture and creating a lot of heartbreak and separatism. I wanted to hear folx share what felt important to them individually, and what they could identify as possible pathways for collective shifts. 


I played the main Trip Doctor and held the space behind the candy counter where folx could order what they wanted from the array of handmade candies. Each candy was “infused” with different medicine – heart opening, priority shifting, ego dropping, amongst many others. Once they chose their candy, we would then do a ritual to invite that medicine to land in their bodies.   


Periodically, we would pause the normal operations of the shop and invite everyone in the space to ask the closest person to them a question. The fun vibe of the candy shop made for a lighthearted hub holding deep hearted conversation. It invited all the different folx to get curious about one another and inspired open sharing. 


It was an enriching experience for me as an artist and community sparker. I got to experiment with painting, creating candy sculptures, costuming, writing engaging questions, embodying a curious character, and holding space for rich dialogue.

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