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The Drip Drop invites participants to mute their thoughts and enter into a multi-sensory experience. It is a physical pod one may enter, containing an auditory journey that moves through nature, the city, and abstract places. Specific sounds are used to elicit mental and physical reactions associated with sonic imagery of inspiration that emulates an astral experience.

An Immersive Sound Sculpture 

2017, Portland, Oregon

Design and concept: Candi X

Sound design: Hillary Murphy

Rendering and 3d design: Mikele Schnitman

Fabricators: Escape Collective

I created this pod while running my cannabis company, Drip Sweets. I thought of it as an educational tool to share with folx a type of experience that may be possible through consuming our edibles. The outer design of the Drip Drop utilizes rigid geometric shapes and angles to speak to the structure and complexity that may be needed to hold profound experiences. In contrast, the inside is filled with soft and fluffy pillows, speaking to the gentleness encouraged to have with oneself in a time of deep internal discovery. 

The rigid geometric shape of the Drop speaks to the idea of serious structure and the complexity of the many angles it takes to form a unique experience, in this case related to plant medicine, but also applying to life in general. 

It was incredible getting to experiment with creating a human-sized functional sculpture! I ran into some challenges bringing my idea from a simple drawing into reality, which facilitated learning around how to communicate more clearly with 3d artists and fabricators. We got feedback about it providing unique experiences.  “Maybe this is what meditation is supposed to feel like”. - Claire Daniel.  “I was skeptical about a pod blowing my mind, but it blew my mind. I went to all kinds of places and felt really regenerated afterwards” - Ariel Petterson 

Finished Pod - 

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