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Inhale is a multidisciplinary project mixing dance, poetry, and film. It is a comment on the depth in which one may connect with plant medicine and spirit. It was first presented at the largest cannabis conference in the US, and later in more intimate performance spaces.

A dance, a poem,

and a video

2017, Portland, Oregon

Dance in Collaboration with Allison Jacks

Video shot by Jules Davies edited by Braden Spotts

While in my peak as a female entrepreneur and influencer running Drip Sweets, I was given a keynote speaker role at one of the largest cannabis conferences in the US. As soon as I got this invite I knew I wanted to do something other than talking about my company. I wanted to remind folx why we got started in this industry in the first place, the soul parts, a reminder about how this plant is Medicine for our Culture and not just business. 


It was such a beautiful process working with Allison Jacks to create a movement piece based on a poem I wrote and also with Jules Davies to create the visuals. Our time collaborating felt as light and magical as the final pieces themselves.


I was swarmed at the end of the cannabis event by folx, some in tears, thanking me and affirming the importance of bringing art and heart back into the industry. 

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