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This is an intimate invitation to commune in pleasure. A time and space where we may explore expanding our definition of the erotic through play, together! 




tools we will utilize:

  • Play! Fun! 

  • Movement-based explorations

  • Creative writing prompts

  • Intuitive drawing exercises

  • Gender fuckary 

  • Visualizations 

  • Ritual 

  • Voicing  

  • Costuming


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“Candi has an amazing ability to immediately connect with eroticism, and to invite you into this special mysterious space we as humans desire to discover. She inhabits this erotic space very naturally from a fun-loving and childish place. She shines, and with her delicate and playful tone of voice she manages to transform the space where we are into a luminous space full of magic and love. The beauty of her workshops is that you get to go PLAY with her and the other participants. Through my experiences with Candi I have felt new layers of deep transformation and activations of my erotic imagination that I never had access to before.“


Lorenza Ruiz

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